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Dear Happiness Seeker,

My name is Erica Glessing, host of the Happiness Telesummit! This year we are committed deeply to changing the vibration on the planet — by releasing judgment. What does that mean? A whole new world awaits!

The Happiness Telesummit begins March 16, 2016!

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Are you done being judgmental and unhappy? What can you ask for today to release those chains? You are being called to shift. We’re going to help you get joyful again!


Cory Michelle

Cory Michelle, CMFW, is one busy Unicorn! She’s the creator of the Crazy Possible Experiment™, a renowned certified Access Consciousness® facilitator, a gifted speaker, teacher, and visionary on a mission. In addition to hosting a popular radio series and being a top-selling author, she creates and leads virtual and live programs and events for people who are ready to experience lives of ease, abundance and joy. She is the original Unicorn Whisperer.

Rebecca Hulse

Rebecca Hulse is a go-getting, risk-taking millenial. She is a writer, bestselling author, the Manager/Leader of Joy of Business, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and creator of magnitude. She sees a different reality and possibility – usually far beyond this reality which she has used to create her own life traveling the world from New Zealand to Costa Rica, USA, South Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe and beyond.